Macre Giant Peruvian Squash
Cucurbita maxima 'Macre'
Uses: Culinary Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
(Macre) An enormous squash that has been grown for hundreds of years in Peru. The fruits easily surpass 100 lbs with fruits of 150 lbs quite common. It is esteemed for the rich yellow flesh. Macre is an excellent all-purpose squash for cooking in soup, baking, and in other roasted dishes with meat. Because this squash is adapted to the Southern Hemisphere where the growing season is long, it takes a bit more planning to grow this where summers are short. Macre grows successfully as far north as central Michigan and will probably do well in much of southern Canada if seeds are planted in pots a couple of weeks earlier than usual and set the plants out when danger of frost is past. The fruits will start setting in early September in the north, but because they get so big and need time to mature it would be wise to have protection against early frosts. In more southerly climates this should mature easily if the summers are not too hot and dry. The fruits are ready for harvest when the thick corky stem starts to turn grey.
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