Richters Herb Seeds

All our herbs are here. Our herb seed collections are here too.

Available by the packet and in bulk.

Most packets contain 100 or more seeds, even thousands in many cases. Packets priced $5 and up usually have less than 100.

Aconite Adonis Agastache, Apricot Sprite
Agrimony Ajmud Ajowan
Alfalfa Alisma Alkanet
Allheal Ambrosia Andrographis
Annatto Angelica Angels Trumpet, Blackcurrant Swirl
Angels Trumpet, Double Golden Queen Angels Trumpet, Double White Lady Angels Trumpet, Frosty Pink
Angels Trumpet, White Angels Trumpet, Yellow Anise
Anise-Hyssop Anise-Hyssop, Snow Spike Arnica, American
Arnica, European Ashwagandha Aster, New England
Avens Bai Zhi Bai Zhu
Balloon Flower Balm, Lemon Balm, Citronella
Balm, Gold Leaf Balm, Lemonella Balm, Quedlingburger
Balsam Basil, Bush Basil, Spicy Globe
Basil, Aristotle Basil, Globette Basil, Green Globe
Basil, Pistou Basil, Indian Basil, Corsican
Basil, Dark Opal Basil, Osmin Basil, Rubin
Basil, Purple Delight Basil, Italian Large Leaf Basil, Jolina
Basil, Marseilles Basil, Medinette Basil, Napoletano
Basil, Romanesco Basil, Sweet Basil, Toscano
Basil, Genovese Basil, Dolce Fresca Basil, Dolly
Basil, Edwina Basil, Eleonora Basil, Elidia
Basil, Emily Basil, Everleaf Basil, Gecofure
Basil, Gemma Basil, Geniale Basil, Nufar F1
Basil, Keira Basil, Envigor™ Basil, Red Genovese
Basil, Magical Michael Basil, Anise Basil, Cinnamon
Basil, Camphor Basil, Cardinal Basil, Green Pepper
Basil, Lemon Basil, Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil, Lime
Basil, Green Sacred Basil, Purple Sacred Basil, Ouzo
Basil, Persian Basil, Punsch Basil, Snowball
Basil, Spice Basil, Thai Basil, Floral Spires
Basil, Queenette Thai Basil, Siam Queen Thai Basil, West African
Basil, Wild Bayberry Bay Laurel
Beardtongue Bedstraw, Yellow Beet, Sugar
Bergamot Bergamot, Lemon Bergamot, Bergamo
Bergamot, Wild Betony Black-Eyed Susan
Bloodflower Bloodroot Boneset
Bo-Tree Borage Bottlebrush, Lemon
Broom, Dyer’s Broom, Scotch Broom, Spanish
Buckwheat Bugloss, Viper’s Burdock
Burnet, Salad Burnet Saxifrage Butterbur
Buttonbush Cajeput Calamus
Calendula Calendula, Erfurter Orangefarbige Calendula, Oopsy Daisy
Cancer Tree Candle Bush Candytuft
Caper Bush Caraway Caraway, Annual
Carob Castor Bean Castor Bean, Carmencita Red
Catnip Catnip, Faassen’s Catnip, Lemon
Catnip, Japanese Catsfoot Celandine
Celery, Leaf Celery, Amsterdam Celery, Pascal
Celery, Curled Centaury Chamomile, German
Chamomile, Bodegold Chamomile, Zloty Lan Chamomile, Roman
Chaparral Chastetree Chervil, Plain
Chervil, Curled Chervil, Massa Chervil, Vertissimo
Chia Chickweed Chicory, Wild
Chinaberry Chives Chives, Grolau
Chives, Garlic Chives, Geisha Garlic Cicely, Sweet
Cinquefoil Clary Clary, Meadow
Clivers Clove-Pink Clover, Red
Clover, White Cnidium Cocklebur, Siberian
Cockscomb Codonopsis Cohosh, Blue
Columbine Comfrey, Common Compass Plant
Coneflower, Yellow Coreopsis Coriander, Spice
Cilantro, Calypso Cilantro, Confetti Cilantro, Desert Blush
Cilantro, Hacor Cilantro, Leisure Cilantro, Longstanding
Cilantro, Rani Cilantro, Santo Cilantro, Pot
Culantro Cornflower Cosmos, Chocolate
Cotton Cowslip Curled Cress
Cress, Wrinkled Crinkled Watercress Upland Cress
Cress, Snowdust Crown Vetch Cucumber, African Wild
Cumin Cumin, Black Cypressvine
Daisy, Chocolate-Scented Daisy, English Daisy, Ox-Eye
Dandelion Dead-Nettle, Purple Dill, Mammoth
Dill, Bouquet Dill, Compatto Dill, Dukat
Dill, Fernleaf Dill, Green Sleeves Dill, Hercules
Dill, Tetra Leaf Dock, Bloody Dock, Curled
Dong Quai Dragonhead Dropwort
Dusty Miller Echinacea Echinacea, Magnus
Echinacea, Primadonna Deep Rose Echinacea, Primadonna White Echinacea, Starlight
Echinacea, White Swan Echinacea, Narrowleaf Echinacea, Pale-Purple
Echinacea, Yellow Elder, European Elecampane
Epazote Ephedra, American Ephedra, Green
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus, Lemon Eucalyptus, Apple
Eucalyptus, Honey Eucalyptus, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar
Evening Primrose Everlasting, Pearly Fennel, Sweet
Fennel, Bronze Fenugreek Feverfew
Feverfew, White Pompon Feverfew, White Stars Figwort, Chinese
Fireweed Flax Flax, Blue
Forsythia Foxglove, Purple Foxglove, Grecian
Foxglove, Yellow Gardenia Gayfeather
Gentian Gentian, Tibetan Germander
Ghost Egg Giant-Hyssop, Nettleleaf Giant-Hyssop, New Mexico
Giant-Hyssop, Purple Giant-Hyssop, Yellow Ginkgo
Ginseng, American Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Java
Goat’s Rue, Virginia Gojiberry, Black Goldenrod, European
Good King Henry Greek Mountain Tea Gromwell, Chinese
Ground Ivy Guava Gum Arabic
Gumplant Hawkweed, Mouse-ear Heartsease
Heartseed Heliotrope Henbane
Henna Herb Robert Hibiscus, Sunset
Hollyhock Hollyhock, Double Hollyhock, Black
Honesty Hops Hops, Japanese Variegated
Horehound Hummingbird Mint, Navajo Sunset Hummingbird Mint, Sunset Yellow
Hyacinth Bean Hyssop Indigo
Indigo, False Indigo, Wild Ironweed
Jacob’s Ladder Jobs Tears, Chinese Joe-Pye Weed
Jojoba Jujube, Chinese Kantikari
Kenikir Laceflower Laceflower, Graceland
Lady’s Mantle Lamb’s Ear, Woolly Lamb’s Quarters
Lantern, Chinese Laserwort Lavender, English
Lavender, Avignon Blue Lavender, Blue Spear Lavender, Hidcote
Lavender, Lavance Purple Lavender, Mini Blue Lavender, Munstead
Lavender, Pink Perfume Lavender, Provence Blue Lavender, Rosea
Lavender, Vicenza Blue Lavender, Fernleaf Lavender, Origano
Lavender, Spanish Eyes Lavender, French Lavender, Purple Ribbon
Lavender, French Long Lavender, Fragrant Butterfly Lavender, Spike
Lavender, Woolly Leek, Wild Lemongrass, Indian
Leopard Lily Lespedeza Lettuce, Wild
Licorice Licorice, Chinese Licorice, Wild
Live-Forever Lobelia Lobelia, Great
Lobelia, Red Lopezia Lovage
Luffa Maca , Black Ma Huang
Ma Huang, Zhong Ma Mallow, Chinese Mallow, Common
Mallow, Mauritian Manuka Maralroot
Marguerite, Golden Marigold, Lemon Gem Marigold, Orange Gem
Marigold, Red Gem Marigold, French Marigold, Mexican
Marigold, Aztec Marigold, Sweet Marjoram, Common
Marjoram, Sweet Marshmallow Marshmallow, Erfurter
Meadowsweet Melilot Mignonette, Machet
Astragalus Milkweed Milkweed, Swamp
Mimosa Tree Mint, Menthol Mint, Korean
Mint, Mountain Mitsuba Monksfruit
Moringa Morning Glory Motherwort
Motherwort, Chinese Mucuna Mugwort
Mugwort, Coastal Mugwort, White Mulberry
Mullein Mustard, White Mustard, Brown
Myrtle, Greek Nasturtium, Climbing Nasturtium, Dwarf
Nasturtium, Black Velvet Nasturtium, Tip Top Orange Nasturtium, Tip Top Red
Neem Nepitella Nettle, Stinging
New Jersey Tea Nigella Nigella, Spanish
Oleander, Yellow Onion, Welsh Onion, Deep Purple Bunching
Oregano, Greek Osage-Orange Oxlip
Oysterleaf Pansy Papalo
Papaya Paprika, Alma Parsley, Double Curled
Parsley, Favorit Parsley, Mosscurled Parsley, Xenon
Parsley, Hamburg Parsley, Argon Parsley, Italian
Parsley, Plain Pasque Flower Passion Flower, American
Passion Fruit Pawpaw Pennyroyal
Pepicha Pepper, Anaheim Chile Pepper, Ancho Poblano Chile
Pepper, Bhut Jolokia Pepper, Big Jim Pepper, Biquinho Red
Pepper, Bishop’s Crown Pepper, Black Hungarian Pepper, Cayenne Chile
Pepper, De Arbol Chile Pepper, Fish Pepper, Habanero Chile
Pepper, Chocolate Habanero Chile Pepper, White Habanero Chile Pepper, Hot Paper Lantern Chile
Pepper, Meteor Hot Pepper, Hot Portugal Pepper, Hungarian Hot Wax
Pepper, Jalapeño Chile Pepper, Manzano Orange Pepper, Monkeyface
Pepper, Peter Pepper, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Serrano Chile
Pepper, Thai Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Tabasco Chile
Pepper, Tepin Chile Perilla, Green Perilla, Purple
Perilla, Hojiso Physic Nut Physic Nut, Red
Pig’s Ears Pimpernel Pine Nut
Pink, Sweet Plantain, Greater Plantain, Chinese
Plantain, Ribgrass Pleurisy Root Pokeroot
Pomegranate, Dwarf Poppy, California Poppy, Corn
Poppy, Opium Prairie-Clover, White Prairie-Clover, Purple
Prickly Pear Psyllium, Indian Pumpkin, Styrian
Pyrethrum, Painted Daisy Queen Anne’s Lace Quinine, Wild
Ramsons Restharrow Rhubarb, Gansu Strain
Rocket, Sweet Rockrose Rose, Dog
Rose, Rugosa Rose, Sweet Briar Roselle
Rosemary Rosemary, Rosy Roseroot
Rue Rue, Syrian Sadadhatura
Safflower Sage, Garden Sage, Extrakta
Sage, Lyreleaf Sage, Purple Volcano Sage, Painted
Sage, Prairie Sage, Red Sage, Silver
Sage, Spanish Sage, White Sage, Russian
Sage, Tiaga Russian Sagebrush, Silver Sagebrush, Big
Sagebrush, Black Sagebrush, Dwarf Sagebrush, Mountain
Sagebrush, Wyoming St John’s Wort St John’s Wort, Topas
Samphire Santolina, Rosemary Savory, Creeping
Savory, Summer Savory, Midget Savory, Winter
Savory, Winter Carpet Savory, Winter Lemon Schisandra
Scullcap Scullcap, Baikal Scullcap, Chinese
Scullcap, Oriental Blue Seabuckthorn, Wild Seaholly
Senega, Chinese Senna, American Senna, Bladder
Senna, Chinese Sesame Shepherd’s Purse
Soapwort Sorrel, Garden Sorrel, Sheep
Speedwell Speedwell, Silver Stevia
Stevia, Candy Stevia, Sweetie Star Stramonium
Strawberry, Wild Strawberry, Alpine Strawberry, White Soul
Sumac, Sweet Sunflower Sunflower, Maximilian
Sweet William Tamarind Tansy
Tansy, Silver Tarragon, Russian Tea
Tea Tree Teasel, Fuller’s Thistle, Blessed
Thistle, Globe Thistle, Milk Thistle, Silver
Thyme, English Thyme, French Thyme, Orange
Thyme, Wild Tobacco, Ontario Bold Tobacco, Ontario Light
Tobacco, Wild Toloache Toon, Chinese
Toothache Cress Paracress, Indian Cress, Bull’s Eye
Trefoil, Sweet Tribulus Turtlehead
Valerian Valerian, Anthos Valerian, Red
Vanilla Grass Vervain, Blue Violet, Sweet
Virgins Bower Visnaga Visnaga, Casablanca
Wallflower Waterpepper Weld
Wheatgrass Wintergreen Woad
Woad, Chinese Gojiberry Wormwood
Wormwood, African Wormwood, Black Wormwood, Fringed
Wormwood, Prairie Wormwood, Sweet Annie Wu Jia Pi
Yam, Cinnamon Yarrow, White Yarrow, Proa
Yarrow, Red Yarrow, Sneezewort Yarrow, Woolly
Yarrow, Yellow Yucca Zaatar
Zaatar, Cleopatra Zhi Mu 
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