Prunella vulgaris
Uses: Medicinal
(Selfheal; Woundwort) Happily and unobtrusively growing wild in lawns and gardens all over the world today, allheal was once hailed as a universal panacea. John Gerard´s Herball, or Generale Historie of Plants (1633) says "the decoction of Prunell made with wine or water doth joine together and make whole and sound all wounds, both inward and outward." Due to its astringent action, it was also used to soothe inflammation of the mouth and as a gargle for sore throats. A hardy perennial, it prefers open, sunny locations, and loamy soil. Allheal will grow up to a foot tall (30cm), bearing small blue and purple flowers on compact spikes all summer. Much loved by bees, it is an excellent choice for meadow gardens.
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