Beta vulgaris
Uses: Medicinal
Recommended to “the curious and cunning cooke” by the 17th century English herbalist, John Gerard, possibly for beetroot’s exceptional nutritional value. Recent research in sports medicine found that athletes who consumed beetroot juice saw a 20% increase in severe-intensity exercise endurance, as well as a reduction of systolic blood pressure, and a reduction in the oxygen cost of exercise. This translates directly into faster and better times for runners and other endurance athletes. Beets have also been studied for other medicinal effects, most noticeably an inhibitory influence on tumour cells and viruses. Beetroot powder can be consumed in a drink, or added to foods where the red colouring that beets impart will go unnoticed.
H1341 Bulk dried roots powder $9.00/100g, $60.00/1000g
Currency: United States Dollar

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