Thuja occidentalis
Uses: Medicinal/Aromatic/Industrial/Poisonous!
A familiar evergreen tree also known as Arbor vitae, found in coniferous forests in Eastern Canada as well as parts of the United States. Mostly cultivated as an ornamental hedge tree, also used in crafts and as to construct fences. Highly respected by the Ojibwe tribe, found in their medicine wheel. Most well known for bronchial cattarh, as it promotes expectoration, clearing mucus from the airways. This, paired with its antiviral and antibacterial properties make it useful for combating bronchitis, coughs and other viral infections. Can be used externally for skin conditions and muscular aches. Its antiseptic properties make it useful for slow healing wounds such as ulcers or bed sores when diluted. Antiseptic properties make it a great choice for natural cleaners. Also appears to have a reflex action on the uterus, which makes it useful for delayed menstruation. Researched for its antiviral and immune stimulating properties. Usually found in the form of an infusion, tincture or liquid extract. Care must be taken when using internally, as thujone can be toxic at large or long term doses.
H1672-500 Bulk dried branches cut $21.00/100g, $152.00/1000g
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