German Chamomile
Matricaria recutita
Uses: Medicinal/Beverage/Aromatic/Industrial
This variety is the most prolific producer of flowers; the flowers can be harvested and mixed into a sedating and soothing tea. Chamomile is known to ease insomnia, depression, headaches, and anxiety. A strong, cooled, chamomile tea can be washed through your hair to lighten and highlight blonde locks. If left to seed, this annual will re-seed itself into the soil, and you will have abundant growth again the following year. Blooms mid-summer; harvest young flowers the day they open. Sow in full sun. Ht 6-12in; spacing 6-9in.
H1680 Bulk dried flowers whole $10.00/100g, $80.00/1000g
Currency: United States Dollar

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