Syzygium aromaticum
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal/Aromatic
One of the most valuable spices in the world, with an aroma that never ceases to invoke memories of cozy evenings, spiced cider, seasonal baking and home cooked meals. Native to Indonesia but cultivated in a number of countries including Brazil. Became popular in Europe from the 8th century and quickly became one of the most valuable items in the 16th-17th centuries. Played a huge role in the East Indian and Spice Island trade. Its benefits dont end at its culinary uses as it hold an enormous source of biological activity and potential as a food preservative, therapeutic agent and insecticide! Because of its extremely high eugenol and gallic acid concentration, it has strong therapeutic benefits, lending to its antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal, and anticarcinogenic activity! Antimicrobial activity so high it was once used as a food preservative. Was reported as an analgesic, said to have been used to manage toothache, joint pain, muscle spasms and in dentistry since the 13th century! Now researched for functions beyond human health and culinary use, showing promise as larvicidal agent as well as a repellant against red fire ants, Aedes aegypti, and several types of wasps.
H1831-050 Bulk dried buds powder $17.00/100g, $120.00/1000g
H1831 Bulk dried buds whole $16.00/100g, $115.00/1000g
Currency: United States Dollar

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