Sweet Fennel
Foeniculum vulgare dulce
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal/Beverage/Aromatic
A feathery leafed vegetable that adds a wonderful light anise flavour to almost any type of cooking, especially soups, salads and fish dishes. A common component in Indian garam malsala and Chinese five-spice powder. It can also be brewed into tea! Has been highly regarded since ancient times, especially as a digestive aid, stimulating appetite and digestive enzymes as well as relieving gas. Used as a flavouring in cough remedies, as it helps relieve coughing. May be used to increase milk flow to breastfeeding mothers. A hardy perennial that requires little maintenance and will have no trouble coming back year in zones 5 and above. Height 4 feet.
H2420-100 Bulk dried seeds powder $8.00/100g, $44.00/1000g
H2420 Bulk dried seeds whole $8.00/100g, $44.00/1000g
Currency: United States Dollar

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