Citrus limon
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal/Aromatic/Industrial
The zesty benefits of lemon are definitely not limited to the inner fruit. Medicinally used to stimulate the appetite by encouraging secretion of digestive enzymes. Just like the fruit, it contains vitamin C and antioxidants, helping the body fight and recover from infections. It is also antibacterial, especially against oral bacteria Streptococcus mutans and may help prevent oral diseases. Some studies suggest that the limonene content of the lemon rind help prevent formation and spread of tumours, especially that of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and stomach. Household uses include general deoderizer, potpourri, kettle cleaner and uses in face scrubs and masks. Brew into a tea, blend into a seasoning mix or use to flavour salad dressings and baking!
Due to USDA regulations, this item can not be shipped to the USA.

H3670 Bulk dried peel cut
Not to U.S.A.
$20.00/100g, $144.00/1000g
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