Mountain Rue
Ruta montana
Uses: Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 7-9)
Rare narrow leaf variety of rue. Said to be used as a condiment but Disocorides, the Greek physician, warned long ago that it is unfit for consumption. Either way, it is used to treat problems of a circulatory origin, such as memory, vision and blood problems. Believed by some to be the magical herb ‘moly’ used by Ulysses in Greek mythology to resist the charms of the sorceress, Circe, who liked to turn men into “grovelling swine” with herbal potions. Is this somehow related to mountain rue’s long history as an antidote for deadly poisons and snakebites? Contact with the fresh foliage can cause photodermatitis in some individuals. Ht. 30-60cm/12-24”
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