Star Anise
Illicium verum
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal
One of the most unique looking and tasting spices youll find in the cupboard, but often overlooked or pushed behind the rest, as many people arent quite sure how to use it. Native to China and Vietnam, it is common to find this anise flavoured spice in dishes such as pho, however it is not limited! Can be used to flavour teas, ciders, soups, sauces as well as baked goods. As far as meats go, star anise tastes best when used in pork, goose or duck dishes, naturally intensifying savoury flavours. Whole cloves can be added to soups or stews, but should be removed before serving. If using ground, make sure to grind immediately before use, as it will begin to lose its flavour shortly after. Medicinally used in the Chinese culture as a warming herb. The compound, shikimic acid from its oils was used in the production of Tamiflu, to relieve symptoms and quicken recovery time from the flu.
H6025-100 Bulk dried fruit powder $24.00/100g, $180.00/1000g
H6025 Bulk dried fruit whole $24.00/100g, $172.00/1000g
Currency: United States Dollar

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