Artemisia absinthium
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal/Beverage/Aromatic/Industrial
Wormwood is highly reputable as a digestive aid, with bitter leaves infused and distilled into absinthe, and vermouth; liquors of which are appetite stimulants and digestive aids. Today, we value the many varieties of Wormwood, planted for their medicinal components, used internally for fever, jaundice, parasites and externally to treat sprains, bruises and lumbago. Also appreciated as a pesticide against nematode soil pests. We admire the prolific and aromatic cushion of soft silver, laced leaf growth, and resiliency in dry or poor soil conditions. Wormwood is great for xeriscaping, rock gardens and anywhere there is reliably less moisture. Wormwood will self seed, and benefits from pruning in the spring. Height up to 3ft (90cm).
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