Western Yarrow
Achillea millefolium occidentalis
Uses: Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 4-9)
When to Sow: Spring/Late Summer/Early Fall Ease of Germination: Easy
(Achillea lanulosa) This native of western North America is similar to common white yarrow but its leaves are densely hairy. It is a mat-forming herb, incredibly low maintenance and highly drought-tolerant, yet adaptable enough to grow in wetter areas. Flowers almost continuously from May to October. Native people such as the Shoshoni, Cheyenne and Navajo used it for colds and headaches, and as a wash or poultice for sores and rashes. They also rubbed it on themselves to repel mosquitoes. Sheep and goats forage on it, as do deer, antelope and grouse. Pollinators love it!
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