Colosso Collection Colosso Herbs in Gallon Pots
Your instant herb garden... delivered!
The Colosso Collection is available for shipping to an area roughly defined by the provinces and states shown. We hope to expand this area in the future, so check back if your area is not shown yet. Colosso plants are shipped from April to November.
Colosso herbs are extra big plants in gallon-sized pots. They make an immediate impression in the garden or in any planter. No waiting for them to grow! Dozens of varieties are available. Order as few as 2 pots or as many as you like! Colosso herbs are shipped to selected regions in Canada and America starting in April.

The entire Colosso Collection is available for ordering now.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the Colosso herbs are limited to the provinces and states shown on the map because of their large size. All other plants, including regular pots, plug packs and plug trays, are available for shipping to all regions of North America.
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