Subject: Ladybugs Arrived Safely at Remote Lightstation (Prince Rupert, BC)
Received: Wed, 5 Aug 1998

I am writing today to compliment various members of your staff who diligently followed up on my order, calling me on several occasions to confirm changing shipment dates for the ladybugs.

As my husband I live and work on a remote lightstation in British Columbia’s Central Coast, approximately 150 Km (by air) from Prince Rupert, we only receive our tender and mail order goods on a monthly basis by helicopter from Prince Rupert. I had noted the importance of timing for the ladybug shipment, which had to coincide with one of our monthly tender dates, on my order form. Due to circumstances beyond your control, the shipment of ladybugs to your firm kept getting delayed and on each occasion, one of your staff members took the time and care to pay attention to my order form note and telephoned to reconfirm a shipment date that would work for us as well as you. I received the last call on the afternoon of July 3rd and arrangements were made to send the ladybugs via Express Post on July 6th. They arrived in Prince Rupert post office the morning of the 8th, were picked up by our Stores personnel and brought to the base and were then shipped out to us by helicopter with our tender on July 9th - perfect timing. The "ladies" arrived in fine condition and anxious to get out of their shipment bag and go to work. We carefully followed the well written instruction sheet and advise we are very impressed with their work in just one week. Living out here, our gardens play a big part in our lives, providing fresh vegetables for daily consumption in the summer months and, of course, we freeze and preserve for our winter requirements. Respecting the abundance of birds we are privileged to have on and around the lightstation plus having three energetic dogs who happily run around the island, we are reluctant to use chemical pesticides for control of unwanted bugs, so were pleased to learn about the value of ladybugs from your catalogue.

Thanks again to your staff for their conscientious extra efforts - we are certainly satisfied customers who will be dealing with you again and passing on our recommendation to others.

Yours truly,

Sherrill E. Kitson, Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

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