Zhongfa Wu

Chinese Herbs Specialist

Zhongfa Wu, Senior Researcher in Chinese Herbs, has been involved in research of medicinal plants in China since he graduated from Guangxi University in 1986. In his early career, He worked as Researcher at Guangxi Botanical Garden of Medicinal Plants, which is the largest botanical garden of medicinal plants in China, focused on inventory, identification and classification of medicinal plants. He moved on cultivation, conservation and utilization of medicinal plants after he was appointed as the Garden Manager in 1994. He was fully responsible for introduction, cultivation, propagation, garden development and collections. As a leader of research group, he has involved in the research projects that were concerning production, cultivation, utilization, and conservation. He immigrated to Canada in 2004 and worked as assistant manager in Richters Herbs.

Zhongfa holds a bachelor degree in biological science (China), an MBA from University of Western Sydney (Australia), and a postgraduate diploma from the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (Canada).

Sorry, Zhongfa is no longer available to answer questions. But his past questions are still available for review.

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