Herbal Shampoo
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: D. Hufnagel
Posted on: October 28, 1998

My daughters want to make an herbal shampoo. What herbs would be good to use and how would they prepare them?

Margaret Dinsdale’s book, "Skin Deep" (available from Richters), has a chapter devoted to hair care. She describes how to make castille soap or glycerin shampoos which can be used as a base for herbal shampoos. Infusions made from herbs such as chamomile, rosemary, nettle, soapwort, and others can be added depending on the type of hair and the effect desired. For instance, she recommends a combination of chamomile, comfrey, horsetail, marshmallow and plantain or scented geranium for dry or fine hair. She gives suggestions for oily hair, dark hair, fair hair, and problem scalps. She also gives recipes for hair rinses, oils, and conditioners. The recipes are simple and easy to follow.

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