California Poppies for Wedding
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Tonya Mae
Posted on: February 26, 1999

I am getting married this summer (31 July 1999), and would like to have California poppies and Shirley Double Mix poppies as my centerpieces. I have heard many conflicting stories about poppies as cut flowers. What is your opinion? Will they last? Can I cut them the night before, or do I have to cut them that morning? Is it true you have to sear the ends after you cut them? Could I have them in my bouquet? Are there any other flowers that you think would look nice with them?

Poppies are pretty fragile and short-lived. I would definitely plan to cut them the morning of the wedding. I have never heard of searing the cut ends; there is a soluble chemical you can add to the water that will help preserve cut flowers (you can get it from any florist). If you can figure out a way to cut the stem while the stem is under water, and keep the cut end under water always, then air will not enter into the stems and the flowers will last longer.

What will look nice with poppies? Try spearmint or hyssop (blue spikes), or Red Gem and Orange Gem marigolds, silver licorice (whitish foliage), heartsease, bronze fennel – not all together, but selectively matched according to your colour scheme.

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