Herb Plants as Wedding Favours
Answered by: Cathy Avery
Question from: Nicole Gooding-Ray
Posted on: January 22, 2000

Your site is wonderful! I did a quick search of the Q&A, but still have a question for you. I am hoping to grow and give away plants as favors at my upcoming wedding. I would like to plant and grow a culinary or medicinal herb in 3-4" pots that would be bushy enough in 4 months (in those pots) that they would look nice on a table (but would not be tall and obstruct viewing) and then give them as gifts. Do you have any suggestions for which herb to use and how many seeds to plant per pot? I will probably grow them under lights inside to make it easier, or I might try a greenhouse.

There are many herbs suitable for wedding favours. Purchasing started plants guarantees the plant will be large enough for the pot in time for the wedding and is certainly easier. Such plants are Rosemary german myrtle, lavenders, purple bush basil, scented geraniums, to name a few.

If you prefer to start from seed, there are many that are suitable as long as you start at least 3 months before the date needed and have proper grow lights on 12 to l6 hours a day or direct sunlight as the plants are growing.

Some fast growing, attractive herbs for containers are: Lemon balm (culinary and medicinal), greek bush basil, green globe basil (culinary very attractive in pots), ‘Lady’ lavender, spanish lavender, English and French Thyme, sweet marjoram,, citrus marigolds, greek oregano, chervil, curled and italian parsley, You can seed several seeds in 3 or 4 inch pots to acheive the appearance of thick, bushy growth and thin as needed or transplant individual seedlings to graduating size pots as they grow. Closer to the event, prune back to desired size.

Medicinal plants can be grown as well, but might not look as attractive or bushy and of course need to be planted to the garden for later use. Some are valerian, echinacea, feverfew, St. Johns Wort, lobelia, american passion flower, et al.

Many herbs and flowers have had meanings attributed to them over the years. Some most favoured for weddings are:

* Rosemary (remembrance)

* Sage (domestic virtue)

* Thyme (courage, strength)

* Lavender (love, devotion)

* Marjoram (joy, happiness)

* Myrtle (true love)

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