Ceremonial Herbs Used by First Nations Peoples II
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Annabelle Twilley Richardson
Posted on: March 10, 2008

Would like to express my appreciation for the swift, and very thoughtful, informative response to my inquiry. It was also pretty special to receive a reply from you Mr. Richter. I will be making an effort to visit Richters on way back from visiting my sister... sometime after most of this snow goes.

Again, thank you... and especially about information about "sage" as well as mulberry. My bush/tree did bloom one year incidently. Didn’t produce any fruit. But I know of two (former) big trees in this area, one in Perth and another in Smiths Falls, about 20 klicks south of here. Both fruited... black. Unfortunately, both were cut down by property owners. Too messy I guess... attracted the birds. I am just hoping that bit by bit, mine will gradually make it to that size where winter won’t damage it quite so much. At least the trunk, off of which it can branch out, providing shade too. I became acquainted to mulberry through finding this sapling in a rented Toronto house garden, which had an unusual leaf which I looked up. Let it grow, and it did very quickly. So when we moved, I wanted a mulberry. They grew pretty well from off shoots we got from Toronto, but then I got divorced, moved to town... and one of the first things I planted here was that mulberry I got at Richters.

My garden is now pretty dense with plants and trees. Trying apricots, a peach from winter-cracked seed which I have brought in for the winter (it is already starting to leaf out despite very little light in my basement). I hope this year to make a permanent herb garden. This last summer, I planted herbs among roses in a Rectory garden here in town, and hopefully will be allowed to maintain it this year, adding annual ones, like basil.

Again thank you.

Thank you for writing. It is a pleasure to hear from customers and about their experiences growing and using herbs. And good luck with your trees!

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