Pot Cilantro Germination Problem
Answered by: Koidu Sulev
Question from: Elsie

My seeds refuse to germinate. I have potted them twice now as per instructions. I use potting soil in a 5" pot. The first time, 4 little plants came up and promptly died. I thought I may have put too much water on them. I tried again and planted some more two weeks ago. I have yet to see any plants. I keep the plant evenly moist, without over-watering. The plant is in a south facing bay window. What would you like us to do to resolve the problem? I just want to know if my problem is typical. My sister-in-law grows your pot cilantro seeds without any problem. How long should they take to germinate? Should I try again with different soil? I should add that I am not known for having a "green thumb" but really, how hard can this be?

The problem could be the type of soil you use. The best type of soil for successful germination is a special mix just for this purpose you can purchase at garden centres. It is light and it retains moisture. It is also important not to place the seeds too deeply. Cover the seeded pot with with Saran Wrap until you see the seeds emerge. Keep the pot moist at all times. When watering use luke warm water for best results. I hope you have more luck following these instructions.

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