Ground Cover For Under Black Walnut Tree
Question from: Ginny
Posted on: March 25, 2009

I would like to know what ground cover you carry that can thrive in spite of black walnut trees! Can you help me with this? I’m hoping to order sweet woodruff. I would also like to know what else might be good.

Black walnuts are known for repelling growth beneath it. My advice is to experiment the first year with the herbs I recommend. They are hardy to zone 5. You did not mention where you live so zone 5 will cover the hardiness zones 5 and higher.

Bronze bugle (P1557) Wild ginger (P2862-300) Lily-of-the-valley (P3705) Creeping speedwell P(5811) Wintergreen (P6850) Sweet woodruff (P6850)

I would try a few plants of each the first year and see which ones are adapted the best next spring. It will look more natural if a few species intermingle.

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