Uses for Dittany of Crete
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Betty Bunney
Posted: Before April 1998

Please tell me how Dittany of Crete can be used?

Dittany of Crete is a close cousin of marjoram and oregano. Its flavour is closer to marjoram, though it is not as strong. It can be used in cooking much the same way as its cousins. It has hairier leaves so it may seem a poor substitute, but when it is dried it works just as well in salads, pizzas, omelettes, soups, etc. For the record, the botanical name of Dittany of Crete is Origanum dictamnus. The Greek or Turkish oregano in the spice trade is one of several other species of Origanum. Marjoram is Origanum majorana. So, you can see the relation between these herbs. By the way, dittany of Crete is a nice horticultural subject: it has a lovely descending habit that fits well into hanging baskets and window boxes. It has attractive pink flowers described by the 16th century English herbalist, Gerard, as "scalie, or chaffie huskes or eares." The leaves are grey which imparts horticultural value as a "contrast" plant against billowing green foliage of many herbs.

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