Edible Flowers
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Margaret
Posted on: August 3, 1998

I am looking for a list of edible flowers. I know chive blossoms, dandelion, pansies, violas, angelica. This would be used in ice cubes in a wedding punch and to decorate a cake. So not necessarily to eat but not to poison guests either.

There are dozens of flowers that are safe and, indeed, tasty to eat. Susan Belsinger lists 50 edible flowers in her book, "Flowers in the Kitchen" (available from Richters). She also gives some sensational recipes!

The "big ten" edible herbs according to Cathy Wilkinson Barash, an authority on edible flowers, are:

1. Calendula

2. Chives

3. Daylily

4. Mint

5. Nasturtium

6. Pansy

7. Rose

8. Sage

9. Citrus marigold

10. Squash

There is a periwinkle color petunia that color is perfect for ice cubes. Frozen along with mint would be pretty but would it be safe?

Petunia flowers are not on Barash’s list of poisonous flowers. We do not see them listed in any of our edible flower books, and we have never heard of them being used in cooking so we suspect that taste may be the main drawback.

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