Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Anne
Posted on: October 12, 1998

I would like to have some information about Lemongrass.

I know it’s recommended for teas and adds a nice flavour - does it have any other herbal value ?

The thick stems of the West Indian lemongrass are used in south Asian cooking, especially in Thai soups and stews.

In Africa, the lemongrass tea is taken to ward off flus and colds.

How do you grow it ? Do you sell the seeds? If so, what is the cost?

There are two types: the East Indian type which can be grown from seeds, and the West Indian type which cannot be grown from seeds. The latter must be purchased in plant form.

Both are fairly easy to grow, but they are not winter hardy in zones lower than 10. However, they both can be grown as summer annuals or bought intos for the winter. Both types needs full sun, and rich, well-drained soil, and warm conditions.

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