Egyptian Onions Uses
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Diane Woodman
Posted on: June 30, 1999

I bought a plant of Egyptian onion from you two years ago, and it is now monstrous. I can’t resist planting some of the little bulbs on the top, and now they are taking over my life!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the little devils. My question to you is: what do I do with them all? How do I cook them, store them etc. Maybe I could get a restaurant or two out here interested in cooking with them. Do you have any books or literature specifically on Egyptian onions?

I think I could make them my passion.

Use them just as you would any other onion. Since the bulbs are quite small, most of the time it is more convenient to use them like green onions. Since their taste is a bit stronger than multiplier onions they work rather well as chopped garnish for soups, salads, dips and to use instead of bulb onions in meat dishes and with eggs. "Taylor’s Guide to Vegetables & Herbs" advises that "the onions are best eaten when young. As the shoots age they become strong in taste and the green tops become fibrous. Bulbils can be eaten, but require tedious peeling" In other words enjoy them raw when young in early summer and cook them well when they become older.

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