Salvia Herbal Tea
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Lisa
Posted on: September 18, 2002

I love this herb site. I did come across some info regarding the question from Eva in the medicinal Q&A section on "Herb Tea Salvia".

I have in my garden a Pineapple Sage Herb with the following other official names: Salvia elegans (S. rutilans). The ticket has the following info included: "Perennial. Wonderful fragrant leaves. Adds a pineapple flavor to foods and beverages. Red flowers attract hummingbirds. Blooms June to August. Needs full sun." Mine got to 3-4ft high and about 2-3ft wide. The plant is beautiful and for the first year I will be getting the first flower. Sorry, maybe next year I will have more flowers on it. If you want more info from this tag, I could mail you a copy. I hope this helps in your herbal adventures for new information.

Thank you for telling us about your plant. We are already well aware of pineapple sage; it’s been in our catalogue since 1970. You can see it listed at in the online catalogue section.

Your message reminds me that we need to expand the online catalogue information for many of our varieties. Much of the information online is exactly the same as what is in our printed catalogue, which for space limitations has had to be very brief. But online we have no such limitation. There is, for example, much more that could be said about pineapple sage. It’s a big job to expand the descriptions but we will get to it at some point.

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