Making Herbal Oil and Vinegar Gifts
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Brenda
Posted on: May 30, 2003

I want to inquire about making gift bottles using herbs in vinegar or olive oil. How do I go about this and are there any recipes for this?

Making one’s own herbal gift oils and vinegars is an easy way to make tasty, much appreciated homemade gifts for friends and family.

There are two excellent books with recipes and tips on making herbal oils and vinegars that I can recommend: Marilyn Schmidt’s "Herb-Flavored Oils and Butters" and Maggie Oster’s "Herbal Vinegar". Both of these books are available from Richters.

Herbal oils in particular require extra caution because of the risk of bacterial contamination from surface bacteria on herbs. Vinegars are less of a concern for bacterial contamination, but inappropriate combinations of herbs and spices or inferior ingredients can have a large effect on flavour and appearance.

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