Garlic Brings Out Allergies?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Corri
Posted on: November 11, 2003

Can taking eating raw garlic bring out allergies?

There are many reports that raw garlic can cause allergenic dermatitis in sensitive individuals. And the effect can induce a cross-reactivity effect among other members of the lily family, especially onion and shallot. The culprits are the same sulphur-containing compounds that are responsible for garlic’s healthful benefits. Diallyl disulfide has been shown to cause allergic reactions such as skin rashes and asthma attacks in people who are exposed to garlic frequently (such as those who work in a spice factory). These sulphur-containing compounds are quite volatile and disappear after cooking, which may explain why raw garlic is allergenic while food cooked with garlic is not.

Here is a list of recent studies on allergic reactions and other adverse reactions to garlic:

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