Which Herb is Best – Parsley or Dill?
Answered by: Yvonne Tremblay
Question from: Zach
Posted on: January 25, 2004

My friend and I can’t seem to resolve an argument. She says that parsley is the ultimate herb, whereas I claim that it doesn’t get any better than dill. I mean, c’mon, what has parsley ever done for us? I’ve never heard of a parsley pickle. Dill totally kicks parsley. What do you think? Parsley, dill, or some third herb we don’t know about. Which one is hands-down the best herb in town?

In my herb cooking classes, when people asked me which is my favourite herb, I answered, it is like asking a mother, which is her favourite child. I like them all. Some days one more than the other. It is really a personal preference. Also depends what I feel like eating as some herbs go better with certain foods. Parsley has broad usage because it can be used with other herbs to tone down the flavour a bit. It is also nice on its own and adds freshness to dishes without changing the flavour much. I like to use it to give brown coloured foods (meats, sauces) a bit of a perk up. Parsley is widely available year round too. However, I think the other herbs have more to offer in distinctive flavours.

Personally I am quite fond of rosemary. I suggest people get to know and use as many different herbs as possible, to add enjoyment to their cooking and eating.

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