Increasing Herbs in Recipes
Answered by: Yvonne Tremblay
Question from: Wendy Felts
Posted on: September 24, 2004

When you are increasing the size of a recipe how do you increase the herbs? Is there a general rule? Double the recipe double the spice? Or for the first 100% increase in portions the herbs can be doubled? After that for each multiple of the original recipe, add only half of the original amount of herbs. Do herbs tend to explode in a large recipe? Which is more potent dried or fresh?

When I double a recipe I double the seasonings...herbs or spices. No, herbs do no explode in a recipe. I recommend that you make sure you measure accurately as estimating or a free-hand can throw the seasoning off. Use the correct amount called for in the recipe. You may adjust it to your own taste after it has cooked a bit. Dried herbs are generally more potent for the same amount as they become concentrated when dried. Some herbs lose their flavour when dried, such as parsley, chives, chervil and cilantro. Others, like oregano, intensify. Make sure to add fresh herbs at the end of the cooking so you don’t lose their flavour.

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