Which Herbs Go with What Foods
Answered by: Yvonne Tremblay
Question from: Joan
Posted on: February 11, 2005

I would like to learn how to enhance my food with herbs, but do not know which to use for what. If I could just have a list of what the different herbs can be used for in cooking, I would be very pleased.

You will find a complete directory of culinary herbs and their uses on my web site, www.yvonnetremblay.com, as well as information about my cookbook "Thyme In The Kitchen -- Cooking with Fresh Herbs" (available from Richters). My advice is to start with recipes that have the amount of fresh herbs all worked out for you so you don’t have to guess and maybe overdo it. A lot of magazines have recipes using fresh herbs nowadays. You can also substitute fresh herbs for dried, using about 3 times as much if the fresh and adding them towards the end of the cooking so you don’t cook out their delicate flavour. "Thyme in the Kitchen" contains the Herb Directory as well as useful information on how to use, store and capture the flavour of fresh herbs (vinegars, oils, butters, pesto, etc.), plus over 100 delicious, easy recipes of all kinds!

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