Are Richters Herb Seeds Organic?
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Chuck
Posted: Before April 1998

I have ordered your catalog through email and hope to be receiving it in the mail soon. I am interested in ORGANIC herb seeds. Is this what I will find in your catalog?

Many of our seeds are either organically grown or collected from the wild. But many are not. We very much agree with and support the ideal of growing with organic seeds. The trouble is that many varieties are not available in commercial quantities from organic or wildcrafted production, and we are forced to offer what is available. In many cases, there is only one source for seeds and often that one source is not an organic grower. Every year we add more organically produced seeds to our list, but because we cannot guarantee all of our seeds are organic we do not advertise them as such.

We do not sell treated seeds. If, in exceedingly rare cases, a certain seed is suddenly not available, we *may* offer treated seeds. But we always inform customers of the change and give them the opportunity to return such seeds for full refund. This has happened perhaps twice in five years, and for rare varieties for which untreated seeds would unavailable for a long time.

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