Curry Leaf
Answered by: Richters Staff
Shiva Prasad
I am wondering if you have seed or plant of SWEET NEEM (not the one which is described in your catalog as S4263). The leaf of the this plant is edible and it is also called CURRY PATTA OR CURRY LEAF).

You are referring to the "curry leaf" tree known botanically as Murraya koenigii. This plant resembles the neem tree with its pinnate leaves and its similar growth habit. It is NOT the same as the "curry plant" (P2060) listed in our catalogue which is an entirely different plant.

The leaves of curry leaf tree are essential in South Indian cuisine, providing the distinctive flavour in doshas in Tamal and Sri Lankan dishes. This happens to be a personal favourite of mine, and I love to visit local South Indian restaurants for a regular "fix".

We are working on building up a stock of plants for propagation. We have tried seeds for many years, spending thousands of dollars to have them air couriered to us immmediately after harvest, but we have never gotten more than a few seeds to germinate each time. The seeds have very short longevity, so by the time we get them most are already dead. We are determined to grow this plant. We expect to offer plants in a future catalogue but that will not occur before 1998.

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