Apple Eucalyptus, Stevia, Cardamon
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Terry Kamps

Your catalog lists Cardomom, Apple Eucalyptus and Stevia as tender perennials. I live in Omaha, Nebraska, which is considered zone 4-5. I understand that the Eucalyptus can be grown indoors - how difficult is it and how large will it grow (what sizes of pots should it be grown in would give me an idea)? Also, can the cardomom and stevia be grown indoors?

All three plants can be grown indoors as long as you have a sunny window to put them on.

The eucalyptus would love to grow into a large tree, but you can easily keep it within bounds by trimming it to the desired size. None of the eucalyptus like root disturbance. It is therefore best to do little more than potting them on without disurbing the roots too much when they need repotting.

Cardamon will probably not bloom and set seed in the house, but may be coaxed to do so if it is summered outdoors in full sun(exposing it gradually to the higher light)

Stevia needs warmth, moisture and long sunny days to be happy.

What should I be allowing for delivery time for my order?

We cannot start shipping until conditions here in Goodwood are such that plants do do freeze in transit. This usually means we start shipping to the Southern USA first, but not until about the middle of April. We usually finish shipping all the orders that have accumulated during our long winters by the beginning of June. After that it takes another two weeks before we will be completely caught up with current orders.

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