Herbs to Start With
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Carmen Rodriguez

I would like to know what kind of herbs I have to plant in my new home for attractiveness, wealth and health.

If there are no herbs in your new garden, then the first planting should consist of the basic herbs. Richters offers a very nice collection of twelve herbs with a suggested planting plan. This would result in an edible as well as pretty herb bed. Another choice would be on or more of our specific use herb seed collections. They are a more economical solution (you thus retain more wealth!!) but take more time to get a useful plant. We have a culinary, salad, tea, fragrant and medicinal herb collection. If you want an indoor herb garden we would suggest the Richters Indoor Windowsill Collection for a great looking and tasting variety of herbs from seed at a 33% saving in price.

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