Tarragon from Seeds
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Dolores Fanton
Posted on: May 7, 1998

I have two questions. 1) I was on your page www.richters.com/faq.html and each item I pulled up to read said "File Not Found". Is that a problem with my computer or your computer? If it is my computer, any idea what I should do?

We completely reorganized our Q & A section in early 1998. It was formerly called the FAQ section. If you saved a bookmark for the old FAQ section, then it will no longer work.

I just checked our website and the Q & A section is working perfectly.

So, please revisit the site by first pointing your browser to http://www.richters.com, then click on the "Q & A" link.

2) The real reason I visited you site. A friend of mine planted tarragon last year as a perennial. She said it looked like tarragon, the seed was labeled tarragon, it smelled and tasted like tarragon. This year it came up as mugwort. She said that she has positively identified it as mugwort.

I trust this lady - and I sure don’t have any idea what happened. Do you know? Any insight you can give me to pass on to her would be greatly appreciated. She is a true computer phobe. She is also a "mature" lady and is not planning on ever using a computer for anything - so I will be the go-between.

Were the tarragon seeds from us, or from another company?

Tarragon and mugwort belong to the same genus. This means that the two herbs are closely related. However, tarragon and mugwort are completely different in flavour and odour. You cannot mistake the two.

By the way, tarragon from seed is not a very good variety. The true french tarragon is only grown by cuttings or by division; it cannot be grown from seeds. Only the russian tarragon grows from seeds, and it has very little flavour or aroma. True french tarragon should have a strong anise or licorice flavour, almost hot to the taste. The russian variety has none of that; it has the gastronomic value of grass..

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