Lemon Carpet Thyme Seed?
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Mnkirkner
Posted on: May 18, 1998

Do you sell seeds of your lemon carpet tyme? If not what type of thyme would you reccomend to put around a stone path about 25 ft long by 2 ft wide?

Most named varieties of plants do not come true from seed. Lemon carpet thyme is one of those special cultivars of the species Thymus herba-barona that was a lucky find amongst a large group of seedlings and it is not likely to be found again in another group of similar seedlings. Only planlets produced from cuttings of the original plant will be just like it.

If you are trying to find a plant that you can seed into your paving stone cracks, I would suggest wild thyme sold in our catalogue as #S6470. If you want a lemon scented and tasting thyme, you might want to invest in a plug tray of lemon carpet thyme and space the plantlets about fifteen to thirty centimeters apart in the cracks. They will fill in the spaces in a year.

If the path is a heavy traffic area you might wish to consider creeping lemon thyme #P6459, since it is a bit more aggressive and won’t need as much care to get it established. If the area is very heavily used then creeping thyme #P6463 is probably the best and hardiest choice.

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