Thymus Plugs
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Kris Johnson
Posted on: July 13, 1998

Could you tell me how high the orange balsam and orange spice thyme grow? Also the height of nutmeg, lavender, silver needle, and coconut thymes? If they fall in the one (2.5 cm) to three inch (5 cm) height I am interested in them.

Orange balsam thyme gets 15-20cm (9-11") tall with plants remaining short in high light and getting taller in lower light. The same is true for all other thymes. The ranges of heights for orange spice thyme are five to seven centimeters (2-3 "), nutmeg thyme two to ten centimeters, lavender thyme ten to fifteen centimeters, silver needle thyme two to five centimeters and coconut thyme five to ten centimeters.

Is there any difficulty in mailing so many flats of plugs, since I am an individual and not a commercial grower? Is there any discount for large amounts? How long do I need to expect to wait for delivery once it is ordered? What about mailing in time for planting?

There is no problem mailing you as many flats as you want. The price of the flats is already discounted and there are no further discounts. For thymes you have to expect to wait six to eight weeks for the plug trays to be ready for shipping after you order them. To receive the trays in time for planting, you have to order them six to eight weeks before the date you wish to receive them. Since the spring shipping season is extremely hectic, we would advise you to order plugs an additional month earlier than you want them shipped to take care of processing bottle necks. During our winter from November to April we can do very little shipping because of danger of in transit freezing.

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