Pest Control and Plant Order
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Mayuko Nakamura
Posted on: January 17, 1999

I’m looking for natural pest repellent. I saw several types of repellent in your on-line catalogue, but I’m not sure which one is best for my plants.

I’m growing sweet basils indoor. I have a cat, so I’m looking for something safer for human and animals. The basils got a lot of white flies recently.

The pyrethrum spray would be your best choice for white fly control. You will have to spray at the rate recommended on the bottle once every second day until no more adults hatch out. Spray both sides of all leaves and do wear rubber gloves and do not breathe in the spray. The mammalian toxicity is very low but not zero.

Also, I’m thinking of ordering several herb plants (thyme and rosemary etc.). According to your website, the order will be shipped until Oct. 15. If I order now, would I have to wait until next season, like April or so?

Once freezing weather sets in in Goodwood we cannot ship live plants, because they might freeze in transit. Most years that happens around October 15 and lasts until the end of April. We do manage to ship some plants to the Southern USA around the middle of April, by trucking them across the border and shipping them from within the USA. Since quite a mountain of orders builds up over the winter, it takes us two months to get out all the back orders once the weather is mild enough. We try to ship to each area just after the time of the last killing frost. The plants ordered are assigned to customers at a first come first served order and not on when we ship out the backorder. Some orders might be held up because some plants took longer than expected to reach shipping size and to avoid having to cancel a part of the order we try to hold the whole order until the laggards are ready to ship. One example of a plant that refuses to grow until sometimes as late as June is ginger!

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