Ginko biloba Tree - Questions
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Sherry Flynn
Posted on: April 13, 1999

I have one of your catalogues and am planning on ordering some things from you. One of the items I’m particularly interested in are your Ginko trees. Do you sell the male trees or female trees, exclusively, or do you sell both male and female?

We sell a mix of male and female trees. Unfortunately, one cannot tell the sex of seed-grown trees until they bloom! This may take a good many years.

Also, when buying the plants, how tall are the plants when they arrive, and how old are they?

The plants are under six inches (15 centimeters) tall, otherwise they would not fit into our shipping cartons. At that stage they are usually a year old.

Do they come with planting instructions, and when are they generally shipped. The plants would be coming to Tennessee, and possibly also to Georgia (Atlanta area), where we also have a home.

All our shipments come with general planting instructions. If you have ordered early in the year we generally start shipping our back orders to the southern USA in April. After we have finished shipping all the back orders in early June we then rapidly catch up with current orders and are usually up to date by mid-June. Plant orders to the USA thereafter go out about once every two weeks.

By the way, you have an absolutely beautiful catalogue! Also, I have never ordered from you before, but I have several very good friends who consistently order from you and sing your praises every time they receive their seeds and plants. It is on their recommendation that I plan to buy some seeds and plants from you, and possibly some herb books, as well. I’m sure that I’ll be just as happy with your company as my friends are. I do have a question though, that I haven’t noticed in your catalogue, though it may very well be there, and I just missed it (and I neglected to ask my friends, as well), but do you guarantee the health of your plants? If they fail to grow, do you have a money-back guarantee?

We guarantee that the plants arrive in healthy condition. Occasionally one or the other of our many carriers takes the plants to their destination by the most convoluted route and they may then arrive in poor condition. Most herbs will recover in a most amazing way anyway, but if they do not and you have notified us on their arrival that they do not look like they will survive, we will then give you a credit for any casualties -if you notify us of their demise promptly. We feel we cannot be responsible, if customers make mistakes in culture.

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