Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Maria Goulart
Posted on: January 17, 2000

A friend of mine got a tilo plant from a friend who got it in Cuba. Unfortunately the plant died. It is used to make teas for relief of stress etc. It has green foliage and smells wonderful. Do you have it? Is it available. Where can we get it?

We have never seen or grown the plant that is referred to by the name "tilo" so we cannot say with any certainty what it is. The name has been used to refer to the linden tree (Tilia cordata and other species), a herb that is very popular as a pleasing beverage tea. Medicinally, the tea is useful for colds and flus and other common ailments. It is not used specifically for stress, but as it makes a pleasant everyday beverage tea, it could be considered "relaxing".

Dried linden flowers are available from Richters. Please check the online catalogue at http://www.richters.com .

Please remember that without a sample specimen of the plant, we cannot say for sure that your "tilo" is indeed the same as linden flowers.

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