When to Order Herbs
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Chuck Newcombe
Posted on: February 19, 2000

My wife and I live in Brockville, Ont. I was wondering which is the best time to order herbs. I am looking at your oregano, rosemary and sage.

If you are planning to order seeds, you need to order now (February). Rosemary, especially, needs a lot of time to develop to a size big enough to plant outdoors in May. Oregano and sage can wait till March or even early April.

If you are thinking of ordering plants, you can order anytime up till our spring shipping season. We start shipping plants to eastern Ontario in May.

The other thing I would like to know is do you have recommendation for oregano. I was looking at your Greek and Italian. My mother always tells me that it should smell like pizza spice. I want it for other italian and greek dishes.

Both greek and italian oreganos have good flavour. I would rate the greek variety, however, as a little stronger, and it definitely has the classic "pizza" taste.

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