Pimpernel – Correct Latin Name
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Ed McMackin
Posted on: January 9, 2002

Richters staff directed me to check with you about the latin name for the Pimpernel flower seeds that you sell. I think past conversations indicated that it was Anagallis arvensis. However from books I gather there are several subspecies and varieties of A. arvensis: A. arvensis arvensis – Scarlet pimpernel; A.arvensis foemina – Blue pimpernel (3/8 inch flowers); A. arvensis arvensis variety caerulea (torquoise flower); and A. arvensis arvensis var. latifolia (large leaved).

So, can you tell me the subspecies and or variety with the nearly l inch gentian blue flowers and very bushy vegatation that Richters sells.

And, one more question. Can you give me information to other sources for pimpernel species and varieties?

We have not identified the subspecies or variety of the pimpernel we carry. Our main concern in selecting source material is for medicinal value and don’t pay much attention to flower colour varieties. Our material comes to us from medicinal herb growers without a subspecies or variety name.

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