When Do Plug Packs Ship?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Trish
Posted on: February 12, 2002

Can you please tell me what Time in April your plug packs ship? I am thinking of purchasing some of the herbs in the plug packs to use in my clay pots that I sell at a craft show (April 26, 27 28), so I would need the plats 2 weeks prior to that.

Unlike plug trays, we are not set up to ship plug packs at customer specified times. Plug packs are shipped as soon as they are ready and we can not always predict when that will be.

Plug packs are intended to be a retail home gardener product. They are not intended for commercial use. That means that we do not gear the growing, maturation, and shipping to get them to customers in time to pot up for sales. If you want to pot them up for sale, that’s certainly your choice, but unlike plug trays we do not make any commitment on shipping date. Plug packs are a product limited to the peak spring planting season in late April and May, and they get shipped at the same time as the potted plants. The shipping schedule for potted plants and plug packs depends on many factors such as how ready the plants are to withstand the rigours of shipping and on the outdoor planting season at the destination.

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