Herb of the Year
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Sophia
Posted on: March 3, 2002

Hi - just found your web site. It is very nice. My question: Do you folks know what the herb of the year is for 2002? Also, maybe you would also know the plant/flower of this year. Thanks for your help.

The "Herb of the Year" for 2002 is echinacea. The International Herb Association selects and promotes the Herb of the Year. The website is http://www.iherb.org.

The Perennial Plant Association (http://www.perennialplants.org) chooses the "Perennial Plant of the Year" which for 2002 is Phlox ‘David’.

There are other "Of the Year" plants chosen by other organizations. I believe that there are "Flower of the Year" and "Vegetable of the Year" but I have no information on those. It may be that more than one organization is choosing their own "Of the Year" plant. Some companies are making their own choices for marketing reasons.

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