Wild Thyme Seed Prices
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Gregory Wright
Posted on: March 21, 2002

What happened to the price of Wild Thyme? Last year’s price was $ 60.00 CDN for 100g. This year’s price is a $220.00 CDN! I see the seed pkt, the price per plant and the price per 12 pack remained the same while the 120 plug pack incurred a same increase. What is the story with the bulk seed prices?

The price for wild thyme seeds went up so much because our former source is no longer growing the seed; so we are forced to buy from another source. That source happens to be much more expensive.

The potted plant and plug pack prices did not go up because we can absorb the cost increase by adjusting cost in other areas. The seed packet prices stayed the same but we are packing fewer seeds per packet this year (though it is still 1000 seeds plus per packet).

Sorry for the increase! We did not want to raise the price but we had no choice. Price adjustments are inevitable from year to year depending on world market prices; some items go down and others go up. You will note that most other prices did not change from last year to this year.

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