Curry Plant Source of Essential Oil Used in Healing?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Hope
Posted on: January 20, 2004

Could you please tell me if the curry plant seed you sell is the same as the Helichrysum italicum essential oil I use for pain, wounds, and bumps? Also, what are the best growing conditions for the curry plant and about how many seeds are in a packet?

I hesitate to say that it is *exactly* the same as the plant that the oil you are using came from because it is possible that the oil is produced from a selection that has different oil content than the one we sell. What I can say is that the species is the same; and because there are few known selections of the curry plant, it seems likely that they are very similar if not exactly the same.

Curry plant is one of the more expensive varieties to buy in seed form, because the seeds are hard to find. Typically we put between 20-100 seeds in packets of the more expensive varieties. (Less expensive varieties can have more than a 1000 seeds.)

Curry plant prefers full sun, and well-drained soil kept somewhat on the dry side. It thrives in the same conditions that rosemary does well in.

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